Religion should be an important part of any D&D world, because they provably exist and meddle in mortal affairs. As such, I made a conscious effort to include religious aspects. I added religious descriptions for every organization and NPC in Webs.

Often it’s just for flavor, not for plot. For instance, Bandy worships Pelor, which a little rare in the town of Lamat.

The canonical D&D4e Pantheon is good enough for me, so I’m using that.

The Mine fight

As the first fight in the campaign is the Mine Entrance fight. It was intended to be an introduction, so had these design goals:
  • simple and repetitive
  • introduced the importance of cover
  • tuned to last longer, to give new players more turns to learn the system

Thus, the scouts had downgraded offensive stats, but good defenses and cover. They would gradually plunk some HP off the players, but never pose a real threat. Technically they are subpar enemies not worth 100 XP, but I rationalize that players get a “tutorial complete” bonus.

My campaign has planned scenes that gradually introduce more tactical issues:
  • complex terrain (for and against)
  • avoiding AOE
  • fighting big bosses
  • fighting mobs of minions
  • etc.

I am aiming to introduce all the major elements by the end of the first chapter.


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