Captain of the Wave’s Eyes.

“Captain Krolby is a weathered, squinty-eyed half-elf. While many half-elfs are dilletantes, he’s clearly a sailor to the bone. He is dressed in simple marine gear: longcoat, coarse clothes, heavy boots, peaked cap, neckerchief, a quality watch, and a mug of beer. He carries no obvious weapons, but his swagger shows he knows his way around a fight. The Captain is perceptive, blunt-spoken, and professional. When he hoists his beer mug, you can see a Raven Queen sigil on his shirt, which is a little uncommon, as most sailors at least pay lip service to Melora, god of the sea. The captain is also a fine merchant, good at making deals and spotting graft.”

After introductions, he reveals that he was delayed trying to acquire some critical cargo:

“I do apologize for my tardyness. I was to receive a package that I need to deliver at our next stop. Damned courier left them in the mines outside town, probably scared of the ants. It’s a matter of life or death that I deliver it. And by life and death, I mean my life and death, if you catch my drift. So I’m sorry to say, the Eyes, and you, aren’t going anywhere until I get that box. Bad luck for us all. Sure, I could petition that there Corporal Burnot to recover the box, but that’ll take days, and I don’t think you wanna be here any more than I do (no offense Bandy, you know I loves ya). I was set to refund your fees, but you look capable in a scrap. So, I have an offer. Recover the box, I’ll pay you for your troubles, and we’ll be outta here soonest. What do ya say?”


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