Chapter 1, Session 1

The beginning


The PCs arrived in Lamat, attempting to catch a ride on the merchant schooner Wave’s Eyes (just called “the Eyes” for short). The PCs met Ms. Bandy Cole, owner of Lamat’s Smile, the main Inn in Lamat. The PCs also met Captain Krolby, captain of the Eyes.

Captain Kolby revealed that he could not leave until he acquired some special cargo, a box of quartz shards located in a mine. He hired the PCs to recover the box. The mine is apparently overrun with giant fire ants.

Kolby arranged for the players to travel to the mine, including renting horses from the local stableman, Jack.

Upon arriving at the mine, the PCs are ambushed by some Dunner scouts. The PCs defeat the scouts, but not before they sound a horn. As the PCs strike down the last scouts, a large contingent of reinforcements arrives, forcing the PCs to flee into the mine.


  • Party Experience: 1E (500 XP)
  • Loot: 260gp + 1 healing potion


The scouts botched the ambush because they dislodged a flock of ravens.





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